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The below is the regular OEM/ODM procedures to you for reference:

OEM Service

We can put your logo on all the products from our OEM / ODM section. Our terms are very flexible: we offer printing of your own logo on the product for Minimum Order of 100pcs. If your order exceeds certain order q’ty (depent on different products)- the printing tooling cost service will be free of charge. If you require custom packaging, we can offer that for orders of 1000pcs and above. Usually the whole process takes 10 days or less.

We have advanced OEM / ODM Equipment and Strong ResearchTeam:



 We Can OEM / ODM Custom Shape USB Flash Drives According To Your Request


USB Package Solution

Listed below are the most popular USB Flash Drive customized packaging options that we offer to fulfill our clients' diverse presentation needs. We have options for a wide a variety of purposes, for orders big and small. If you have a packaging idea not listed below, contact a friendly sales representative and let him/her know. We will likely have the resources to make your idea a reality. Note: Packaging compatibility varies for all products. Product-specific packaging options are listed on individual product pages. Packaging options for other products (besides USB Flash Drives) are available on individual product pages. Please visit product pages or contact your sales representative to discuss packaging and packaging options.

Blister Package

Package Box

Tin Box


Velvet Pouch


Jewelery Box

Paper Box


Gift Box

Tin Box

Tin Box

Tin Box


Plastic Gift Box




Credit Card Size Package




Magnetic Box


Gift Box


Gift Box


Gift Box


ODM Service

More and more companies decide to differentiate their products in the market with unique design. We can provide assistance in developing your own, exceptional products, based on our solutions.

We would encourage you to use the below form to contact with our OEM/ODM Department for more details, we will reply to your email within 12 hours!