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Quality Control

Our QC department is composed of 16 professional technicians and a big team of numerous inspectors. They test and inspect every production process. By using advanced testing equipment and strictly following inspection procedures and regulated quality standards, we make sure our final products meet our customers’ standards before delivery. With rich experiences of exporting to USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, UK etc. for years, we built up our own complete quality control system and clear understanding on quality requests from customers all over the world.

We are committed quality requirements of the highest standard. We do not sacrifice on quality. We make sure quality is adhered to throughout our operation from sampling to final shipment. We take extra efforts in ensuring the suppliers comply with strict quality control. Quality Assurance is an inherent part of our services and we ensure that our customers do not face any problem at any stage.


Approved Sample

The QA ensures that an approved strike off of the print with the shade card giving the pantone references number. Is available with the Department. Sample of the garment along with the placement details must be available. Before starting bulk production, pilot strike off of using the actual garment /panel is taken and inspected for the following quality.


1. Right shade of colors

2. Positioning of the print

3. Proper registration

4. Print alignment

5. Clarity in the design as per original

6. Properly cured surface


6. Final Audit

The purpose of the final, audit is to establish the quality level of the final pieces goods before it leaves the factory.

The QA manager has to conduct a final quality audit of the packed goods and this has to done at two stages:

1. Once 50% of the shipment is packed

2. Other when 100% of the shipment is packed

In case there is any quality problem at the above stages, the packed goods have to be screened for the specific quality aspects

Once corrected the above procedure has to be repeated again.

Reports generated and archived

Final quality audit report – Exhibit 8A

World Wide AQL Service

Table A: Sample Size


World Wide AQL Service

Table B: Single Sampling plans for normal inspection level II


1.One-Stop Solutions Experts

usbfashdrivechina.com  is your one-stop solutions provider for all your unique USB flash drive needs. Whether you're looking for promo giveaways, factory-direct prices, retail products, or robust content-delivery, our team of USB flash drive experts are happy to help with every aspect of your project.

2.Design Your Own USB Drive

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to produce fully customized flash drives quickly and cost-effectively. Plastic, metal, rubber, wood, even moving parts: If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.

3.Lots of Existing Models

If one-of-a-kind uniqueness isn't necessary, we've got plenty of customizable USB flash drives, each with their own set of colors, capacities, and other options. We can even turnaround some orders in 24 hours.

4.Choose Your Branding Method (Imprint Options)

Every product has varying logo imprint options and imprint areas. Some products can be printed on both sides while others are 1-sided. Certain imprint options (like laser engraving and heat stamping) are only available on select models. Please check an individual product page to view the imprint options/areas available for a specific model.

Below are sample images of the various match color and  imprint options we used to customize our products. Please check each individual product page to determine which match color and  imprint option below is available for the product you are interested in.

Match color(right page)                                   

  • works with most products                           
  • quantity depend on model


Screen print (right page)                                     

  • Works with most products                                
  • Print one or more solid colors
  • Our most popular option
  • White, silver, black, etc. are considered colors
  • Pantone Matching is standard

Full-Color Process(right  page)                                    

  • Works with most products
  • Required for graphics with gradients and blending
  • Looks best on light-colored products
  • Great for photographic elements

Laser Engraving(right page )                    

  • Metal surfaces only 
  • Most durable option
  • Sharp, polished customization
  • Results differ
  • Colorized laser options available on some models

Hot Stamping( right page )                                                             

  • Currently available on leather/fabric products only
  • Unique, rugged look
  • Produces an impression of the graphic into product's surface
  • No color is added or changed to the product's surface

5.Packaging & Accessories

Need retail-ready clamshells? Holiday-themed giftboxes? Fully-customizable window-box packaging? We've got far more options than our competitors and accessories to go with like printed lanyards and USB extensions.

6.Preload&Data services 

We offer a variety innovative options to deliver your custom content, whether it is a simple PDF catalog, a web page set to autorun, or a dazzling Flash presentation that loads automatically. Our preload options can add power and lasting impact to your promotional marketing campaign.

For more advanced content delivery like software distribution and other kinds of integrated data solutions, we offer RTS portable security software, portable freeware applications, custom icon creation, and much more. See below for details and call or send an email to sale@fordexgroup.com  to discuss your project.

Standard Preload

We copy your content to your flash drives and users can access it at will. Perfect for a "soft sell" or for distributing software and other data content to users who know what they're getting.

Standard Preload Icon

Menu-Prompt Autorun

When users insert their flash drives, Window's default menu-prompt will feature a custom option, pointing the users to access your content. Great for getting your info across without appearing aggressive.

Standard Preload Icon

AutoPlay Autorun*

Our most direct option. As soon as the USB Flash Drive is plugged in it will send information to Windows in order to automatically launch your content.

*The AutoPlay feature can be disabled from Windows by the user or an administrator. The content will remain accesible on the Flash Drive but it will not launch automatically in this case.

Standard Preload Icon

Non-Erasable Content

Make all or some of your preload content files non-erasable by locking them in a CD-ROM partition; your PC will treat this section of your Flash Drive storage space as if it were a CD that cannot be deleted or overwritten.

Custom Icon Creation

A customized icon to replace the default drive icon associated with your Flash Drive device. A very popular option for Portable Media Player orders, value-added resellers, and software/media distributors.

Hidden Files

Choose to have certain files hidden from normal user access, such as support-files that may clutter an otherwise well-organized Flash Drive or data-collecting files that cannot be locked nor compromised.

Serialization Service

Select a range of hexadecimal values to be serialized in each unit's device properties.

IMPORTANT: With the exception of the Standard Preload, the above options will only work reliably on a Windows-based computer (and newer than Windows 98). Talk to a sales rep for info on how to have content accesible on a Mac while still having non-standard options work on a Windows PC.