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Promote your logo in style with our range of custom shape usb drives! If your bored of the same old usb drives and want something a little different then our range of custom shape usb flash drives are just what you need! Available in ANY SHAPE the rubber usb drives are manufactured to the shape of your logo. The soft rubber effect material we use to create the custom shapes can be embossed and debossed with your custom logo, providing a 3D replica of your very own company logo. The possibilities are endless with our custom shape usb drives! If you want high brand exposure, then our custom usb drives are the perfect choice! Custom colour, custom shapes gives a truely bespoke finish!

Available in a range of memory sizes our custom shape usb flash drives offer you true flexibility to your storage requirements. With memory sizes rangeing from 128MB upto a massive 8GB the choice is endless. If you think the custom usb rives are an expensive option then think again! Contact us today to discuss pricing for our custom shapes and you may just be pleasantly suprised!

Rubber USB Flash Drives

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