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Music Flash drives, Custom USB Drives for Bands and Concerts

Music Flash drives, Custom USB Drives for Bands and Concerts

Music flash drives are for independent musicians and signed bands. Representing a unique and cost-effective way to distribute music, USB drives are the new compact disc (CD). Unlike CDs though, USB drives are endlessly programmable by not only us, but by you at your own computer. Whether you want to distribute a thumb drive to 10 or 10,000 people, this new form of music distribution is worthy of serious consideration.

Individual artists, bands, producers, record labels, and distribution companies can take advantage of the versatility of the technology. You can purchase flash drives with memory storage of 64MB to 64GB. Since a standard album is usually about an hour, you can purchase the minimal storage amount, which will save expense. If you purchase a 128 MB musical flash drive and use 60 MB (1 MB/minute), you can use the other space for pictures, videos, song lyrics, concert schedules, and biographies.