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OEM Human USB Flash DrivesUSB flash driver with Genuine memory high qualityFunny Shapes such as wristband, pen, cartoon, food, fruits, stainless,laser pointer,silicon, heart,soccer,lighter, neckline, namecard, credit card, beer bottle, drinking bottle, flight, shoes, clothes, car, bullet,lipstick,candy, and etc.Material: ABS, silicon, stainless, wood for choiceCommon size is from 32MB to 16GB and big size 32GB,64GB and 128GBInterface: USB2.0Free for all system except Win98 ( Need a driver for Win98)No need battery is real Plug-and-playReliable quality, 100% QC passedMore than 10 years of data retentionStandard warranty 2 years, extendable to 4 yearssilicon usb flash drive/promotional usb flash disk/advertising us flash disk