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Fingerprint USB Drive

A USB flash drive is commonly used for data transmission across different devices. If you are transporting critical data, you might want to protect it from prying eyes, in the event that you lose it.
So, how do you protect your critical data in a USB flash drive?
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1 in 3 USB is lost everyday!
Your critical data might include:
• Your financial and banking info
• Your IDs/Passwords for webmail, social network sites, etc.
• Your private photos and videos
• Your confidential business files
With Fingerprint USB Drive, you can –
• Store and protect your critical data & key
• Create a safety space to store sensitive data in the USB
• Have sole access to your data via fingerprint authentication
• Relax knowing that your data is safe even if the USB gets lost
A Password can be shared or can be hacked, but…
Your Fingerprint Is Unique!