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 It is your best choice for commercial present. Keep secret sub area: separate the usb flash drive drivers disk into different area, personally encrypt, recompose, and hide the disk. Computer lock: encrypt the computer screen and write down the personal message. Auto copy document: set auto copy function the recomposed document in the will copy and save into the usb flash drive driver disk. E-mail copy: transmit the unsettled document, educe synchronized after finish under line. Auto performs: the tied anti-virus software .etc. will start with plug the flash disk and it will auto run. Surf in the internet expediently: set surf in the internet quickly by yourself. Remove WIN98 safety: Use A level Flash CMOS chip. Support BIOS, HDD/ZIP start mode, have the function of encryption. High speed for read-write optional protection, recompose 1 million times, keep the data for long time. USB2.0 standard link